What If We Were Real CD

What If We Were Real CD

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Mandisa continues to be a voice of encouragement and truth to women facing life's challenges. She returns with her new album What If We Were Real.

Featuring the new single "Stronger", the album's theme centers around the masks that each of us wear every day. Mandisa shares that her new record is "all about taking the masks off, and really letting the world see that we as Christians, It doesn't mean we don't go through difficult times, doesn't mean that things are always great in our lives. It simply means we have a relationship with the Savior who is able to bring us joy and peace in the middle of our difficult times."

What If We Were Real Track List:

1.     Stronger
2.    What If We Were Real
3.    These Days Mandisa
4.    The Truth About Me
5.    Say Goodbye
6.    Good Morning (Feat. Toby Mac)
7.    Waiting For Tomorrow
8.    Just Cry
9.    Temporary Fills
10.   Free
11.   Lifeline